About FineStay

At FineStay, we cherish our independence because it motivates us to care about every single thing that happens within our company. It inspires us to constantly improve our service and that keeps us where we want to be - at the top of our game.

Our commitment to acting honestly and in the best interests of our clients is fundamental to everything we do, and what FinSstay stands for as a service provider.


Our business is built on this trust and this reputation, and it is core to our long-term success. It is what gives our clients, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and investors the confidence to do business with us.

Acting with integrity is about more than our company's image and reputation. It's about sustaining a business that we all are proud to work for. Ultimately, it's about each of us knowing that we have done the right thing. This means acting honestly and treating each other and our clients, partners, and suppliers fairly, and with dignity, at all times.